This is SPARKLEBALZ! Featuring a dancing unicorn who reacts to to your step goal percentage! He “Dabs” from 0-5% and at 50% step goal, and does different dances throughout the rest. At 100% step goal the disco ball drops and the dance continues until midnight. Fully Animated Lights spiral dynamically behind the gyro-powered effects, rotating with your wrist movement.

DOUBLE TAP to change styles!


• 12/24hr Time (Based on settings)
• Day/Date/Month (Tap to open Schedule)
• Step Count (Tap to open Steps)
• Heart Rate (Tap to measure Heart Rate)
• Battery Level
• Moon Phase (Tap to set custom shortcut. Double Tap to Change Custom Shortcut)


Please be patient as Sparklebalz loads onto your watch. This is a fully animated watch face, so it will, by nature, use more battery than non-animated watch faces. To help save battery, every animation frame image has been compressed to the smallest file size possible. For questions or troubleshooting, hit me up at – Chris