Fred the Butterfly

Meet Fred the Butterfly! LIVE Animated butterfly named Fred flying in and out of the watch face. Move your wrist to see the gyroscope powered flowers rotate and shift around the watch face data.


• LIVE Animated Butterfly named Fred
• 12/24hr (automatic based on phone settings)
• Step Count
• Heart Rate
• Floors
• Moon Phase
• Battery Level


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PLEASE BE PATIENT DURING INSTALLATION! It may take 2-3 minutes or more based on your watch model and strength of connection. Fred has a bunch of frames that need to fly from the phone to your Galaxy Watch, Active or Gear, so he needs just a bit of time to make the journey.

IMAGES ARE OPTIMIZED for performance and battery life while maintaining quality! “Fred the Butterfly” is designed to grab attention when you want to show off your watch, but please keep in mind that this is a FULLY animated watch face and even though most animation image frames are merely byte size, it will use a slight bit more battery than a non-animated watch face. The Always On Display (AOD) is also optimized to use a low percentage of pixels for extra battery savings.