Biohazard Gear Z

Battle 6 different zombies throughout the day based upon your step goal percentage! The radar will alert you when a zombie is near – keep stepping and it will show up. Keep stepping to fight it until the zombie goes SPLAT!


10% – Zombie Crawler
25% – Dingbat
40% – Skull Rider
60% – Zombie Blob
75% – Crazied Zombie
85% – Zombe Teddy

Update 2.0.1 – Commercial Release:
• Biohazard Symbol 3D Effect on wrist movement
• Final Reward Animation at 100% Step Goal!

Update Beta 2.0.0:
• Added biohazard symbol to AOD
• Adjusted AOD to use less than 6% brightness while still remaining easy to read
• Many Gyro Adjustments on all elements
• One more bloody background

Update Beta 1.0.5:
• Now tells you what type of zombie is incoming.
• Zombies splat after defeated. Keep stepping to clear the blood or guts.

Update Beta 1.0.4:
• New BUTTON next to the digital time to change background wallpaper styes with a SINGLE Tap.
• New gyro-powered Biohazard symbol that spins away when you move your wrist.
• fine-tuned gyro settings for doors to open with less movement

Update Beta 1.0.3:
• Added Top Frame Styles! Double Tap the green frame surrounding step count/distance/kcal to change.
• Added more background wallpaper styles

Update Beta 1.0.2:
• This update is part of Fight Club and we don’t talk about Fight Club.

Update Beta 1.0.1:
• Added 14 more wallpaper styles for total of 16.
• DOUBLE TAP to change wallpapers
• Double Tap Moon to set your own app shortcut.
• Heart Rate Shortcut



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Please be patient as Biohzard Gear Z loads animation frames onto your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Active 2 during installation. All animation frame images and graphics have been optimized for smallest file size possible, increasing battery life for an animated watch face. If you experience any trouble installing, contact me at